Answer the questions below to calculate the number of fabric strips to cut for binding any size quilt.
Just remember to use numbers and be sure to write fractions in decimal form.  All measurements are in inches.
(Note: This calculator is for straight binding that will be cut across the grain of your fabric.) 

Common fractions in decimal form are:  

1/8 = .125   1/4 = .25   3/8 = .375   1/2 = .5   5/8 = .625   3/4 = .75   7/8 = .875

  1. What is the length of your quilt?  
  2. What is the width of your quilt?  
  3. What is the width of your fabric?  
  Strip size to cut: 2.5 inches
  Number of width of fabric strips to cut.  

Binding Instructions

  1. Sew the binding strips end to end and press the seam allowances open.
  2. Fold the long binding strip in half so that it measures 1-1/4" on the short side and press.
  3. Sew binding strip to the front side of your quilt, beginning 4" from the actual starting end of your binding strip, mitering corners as you go.
  4. When you are almost at the 4" of binding that you left free, stop sewing.  
  5. Cut away the extra binding that exceeds beyond 3" into the starting 4" that you left free.  
  6. Fold under 1/2" to the wrong side of the fabric on the raw edge and place the beginning of the binding strip INSIDE of the ending of the binding strip.
  7. Pin in place and sew a couple of inches past the starting point of your stitching.
  8. Fold binding over to the back of the quilt and and hand sew the edge to the back of the quilt.

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