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Finished Size:  66" x 83"

"Everything's Coming Up Roses" here at!  Each month during 2005, I will present a new block for you to make.  At the end of the year, you will have a quilted "garden" of traditional blocks.  Sashing and border instructions will be included with the last month's block instructions.

Fabric:  Here is a chart of the fabrics that I used in my quilt, along with the yardage requirements to make the quilt as shown above.  Start with the border fabric (Fabric 6).  This needs to be a large print (floral or non-floral), preferably on a dark background.  Pull two medium or dark colors (Fabric 1 & Fabric 3) and one light color (Fabric 2) from the large print to use in your blocks.  Add a cream print or solid (Fabric 4) to finish out the block fabrics.  Finally, pull a dark solid or print (Fabric 5) that resembles the dark background of the large print for the sashing strips.

Fabric Chart

Fabric 1 -
2-1/2 yards

Fabric 2 -
1 yard

Fabric 3 -
3/4 yard

Fabric 4 -
2 yards

Fabric 5 -
2 yards

Fabric 6 -
2 yards

Coloring Page:  If you'd like a line drawing of the quilt to experiment with color placement, you can print one here. (.pdf)

EQ5 Project File:  If you have Electric Quilt 5 Quilt Design Software, you can download the project file and experiment with different colorations of this quilt.  Click here to download the EQ5 Project File.

Quilt-Pro 5 Quilt File: If you have Quilt-Pro 5 Quilt Design Software, you can download the quilt project file and experiment with different colorations of this quilt.  Thanks to Linda Olivera from Texas for drafting the quilt in Quilt-Pro 5!  Click here to download the Quilt-Pro 5 Quilt File.

Installment Links:  Here are the links to the free monthly installments.  Each installment will be posted on the first day of the month, starting January 1, 2005 and ending December 1, 2005.  Each monthly installment will have links to a printer-friendly webpage, as well as a .pdf file for those that might have trouble printing the webpage version.  (Note:  Links will become "clickable" on the date given.)

If you have any questions or comments concerning our 2005 Block of the Month series, you can email me here.

I had a wonderful time designing and making this quilt.  I hope you enjoy it!

~Kim Noblin, Editor

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